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One Small Step – Project for Key Stage 1 Children (ages 5-7) – New Film Coming in 2024!

One Small Step tells the story of Joanna Pianna and her Music Mayhem Machine, travelling through time to play the children music from the past, the present and the future. Joanna is a bad, mad, old piano who needs the children’s help to find the last line of her environment song. What can they do to help the planet? They’re only in Key Stage 1!

Music by Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Liszt and Wallen helps the children on their way – maybe they could walk to school, or put on a jumper and turn the heating down? Maybe they could recycle more? In the end it’s all about taking One Small Step.

Feedback from children:

“It was really fun – it made me want to play the piano!”

“I liked it when the piano kept giving you clues”

“Yuanfan was brilliant and his hands moved so fast!”
Feedback from teachers:

“As Music Lead and a Class Teacher, I can honestly say it’s one of the best
things the children have accessed musically”

“I have overheard lots of children wanting to ride their scooter more,
my class enjoy not having ‘the big light’ on in the classroom all the
time, and they can explain renewable energy and impact on the world
they live in.”

“We are arranging a music intervention for our very special children after they responded
so well to the music they were listening to.”

Watch the One Small Step Trailer here:

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