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Alice Wong

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Hong Kong

Alice Wong, a Hong Kong based pianist, piano accompanist, and violinist. Wong earned her Master of Music degree in Classical Piano Performance, in the Manhattan School of Music, NYC, and Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, in the University of Washington, Seattle. Wong studied piano performance under Dr. Joanne Polk, a renowned Grammy-nominated pianist in the U.S. and Professor Andre-Michel Schub, a grand prize winner of the 1981 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.

As a pianist, Wong performed in renowned concert halls such as the Brechemin Auditorium, Meany Hall, The Greenfield Hall, and more in Seattle and New York. Wong was also one of the recipients in the Seattle Piano Institute with Dr. Nelita True. In addition to Andre Laplante master class in the Adamant Music School in Vermont.

As a teacher, Wong has more than 8 years of teaching experience in private and group setting. She worked as a music teacher in the Yew Chung Arts and Language Centre, piano teacher in the Riverbank State Park (NYC), teaching assistant for the Summer English Studies in the Manhattan School of Music (NYC) and others. With a variety of teaching experience in different settings and age groups, it enhanced her ability of providing a harmonious learning environment and understanding of students’ needs.

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