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The Leeds International Piano Competition is proud to announce the end of a successful application period.

This year’s pool of applicants are a diverse group aged 20-29 with 58% being 26 years of age or older. The youngest applicants have yet to turn 20, but will be of age by the end of 2017.

We had submissions from 25 countries with applicants representing 38 nationalities including Australia, Georgia, Malaysia, and Syria. The majority – 58% of all applicants – come from Asia, however over 75% of all applicants live in Europe and North America. The applicants were majority men with women making up 38% of submissions.

Beethoven was by far the most popular composer selected for audition repertoire, followed by Bach, Chopin, Rachmaninov, and Haydn. In total, 58 composers were selected by applicants for audition repertoire.

60 of these applicants will be selected to attend the first rounds of the Competition in Berlin, Singapore, and New York in April. Once they are chosen in December, make sure to look out for their profiles on our website and social media.

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